Data distribution is the new

competitive advantage

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Amplify in Action

Collaborate with partners

Collaborate with partners


“I can’t do anything without the help of my data team.”


“I chose Amplify to instantly distribute our data externally and scale our partner base, while lowering the cost to serve.”

- SVP Marketing, $3B Supply Chain Analytics Company

Monetize valuable data

Monetize valuable data


“I know my data is valuable, but I don’t know where to start.”


“Amplify provides distribution infrastructure out of the box, allowing us to launch our data business faster.”

- Cofounder, VC-Backed Startup

Operationalize internal data

Operationalize internal data


“My team doesn't have time to create individualized dashboards or data feeds for everyone.”


“Enabling self-service data consumption was a force multiplier for our team.”

- VP Data & Insights, F200 Financial Services Company

Why Amplify

Instant Value

Get up and running
in minutes
with no code


Reduce overhead
with pre-built
and rules

Total Control

Scale with powerful
usage insights
and permissions

How it Works

Create ConnectionsUse the Data ProfilerDistribute Data Products


Create Data Products by connecting to your data wherever it resides and by defining product specifications

Use the Data Profiler


Enforce data SLAs as the underlying data changes and access rich usage analytics



Distribute however you want through a branded data portal, another data exchange, or via API

Data Product Distribution

About Amplify

At our core, we believe that the 3rd-party data market is at an inflection point and are excited to accelerate the rise of the data economy. We built Amplify from the bottom-up with a “Data is the Product” mindset, where everyone is a data provider and consumer.

Here at Amplify, we are on a mission to help every company become a data company. We believe effective data distribution is the missing key to unlocking the value in data.

Amplify was co-founded by data and startup leaders and backed by premier tech VCs. We are looking for our first teammates to join the early team on this adventure!

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