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Case Study: Dewey opens the data floodgates for academia

Discover how Dewey revolutionized the distribution of valuable data to a previously underserved academic community.
Written by
Alec Whitten
Published on
17 January 2022

The data economy is abundant with data vendors that prioritize selling to other companies, yet the academic sector remains largely underserved in its ability to access granular, high-value datasets. 

Pioneering Academic Data Solutions

Seeing the opportunity at hand, Dewey entered the market to serve as a bridge between academic institutions and the data they were searching for. Today Dewey is powering the data needs of 1,000’s of researchers across universities like Stanford, Yale, and MIT.

The proposition was straightforward yet invaluable. While many traditional data providers viewed the academic market as too fragmented, Dewey leveraged its vast network of data providers, like SafeGraph, Similarweb, and People Data Labs, to pool together vast reservoirs of data specifically for academic purposes. Data providers are able to now contribute to groundbreaking research and researchers no longer have to spend time hunting for disparate datasets to license.

The main challenge: Each data provider had their own unique delivery methods, from SFTP sites to specialized data delivery methods like Snowflake Share or AWS S3 buckets. In contrast, the academic clientele, with their own preferences, wanted the data tailored to their specifications.

Dewey's solution? A collaboration with Amplify. Every one of Dewey’s data partners funneled their data into a platform powered by Amplify. Irrespective of the vendor’s default delivery mechanism, Amplify allowed Dewey to customize the data and immediately publish searchable data products for researchers to access. Professors, faculty, and students could seamlessly self-serve data from Dewey in any format or frequency they desire.

After considering the diverse set of data, access, and commercial challenges inherent in working with my data partners and researchers, Amplify was an obvious choice for me,” said Evan Barry, CEO of Dewey. “Their intuitive platform abstracted away the technical heavy-lifting and allowed me to deliver differentiated value to my users in a matter of days.

Beyond data delivery, Amplify’s platform lets Dewey meticulously track data consumption. This offered a twofold advantage: ensuring data vendors were compensated based on consumption and allowing academics to pay for data as tiered subscriptions.

Value Proposition:

  • Seamlessly connect underserved academic institutions with valuable data providers.
  • Offer a unified, searchable platform for researchers to access data, regardless of the delivery method chosen by data vendors.
  • Track data usage, ensuring transparent billing and fair consumption.
With Amplify, Dewey is able to offer researchers 70+ data products from different data providers in the delivery format of their choosing.


  • Partnerships with leading research universities, establishing Dewey's position in the academic sector.
  • 20+ data providers efficiently onboarded, and 70+ data products available for academic consumption.
  • Over 1,000 researchers consuming terabytes of data every week in varying formats and frequencies.

Dewey, with Amplify's platform, showed the immense potential hidden within otherwise niche sectors, proving that with the right strategy and tools, even previously overlooked markets can be transformed into thriving revenue streams.

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