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Case Study: Self-serve data products and data marketing

Explore how a forward-leaning SaaS company harnessed their latent data trove to unearth new channels for growth.
Written by
Alec Whitten
Published on
17 January 2022

Enterprise technology companies are able to collect and process more data at unprecedented levels. We struck a goldmine when we started working with a global supply chain analytics provider with valuable real-time insights into the movement of products for some of the largest companies in the world. 

By nature of the supply chain, the world's aggregated shipping records were also chronicled in their databases. This treasure trove of aggregated supply chain data could be used for a variety of use-cases, from monitoring the performance of the Panama Canal to diving deep into the news-making delays at Shanghai’s port.

However, this presented both a challenge and an opportunity: the data sat dormant in their data warehouse, without a clear direction for utilization. The company was approached by banks, consulting firms, and even media giants and PR firms to utilize that wealth of information. This sparked an idea, why not feed the press with insights drawn from their data?

Data Marketing - Showcasing the latent value in data 

Our client started generating a PR buzz through data marketing. They shared data sets and charts with reporters after key incidents to help them write stories, and our client would get press mentions in return. However, the initial approach had its own set of challenges. The existing workflow required four dedicated data marketers, manually running SQL queries against their Snowflake database. Every PR request turned into a flurry of searching for the right query, running it, collating the data in Excel, and tailoring it to answer the specific question. It was a cumbersome manual process.

The solution: Amplify provided a white-labeled data portal, which allowed them to reduce their team from 4 analysts to 1. The analyst turned these SQL queries into “data products” available on this portal, where partners could search for and customize the metrics and data they consumed. 

With Amplify, our client can provision partners to access to their data in a self-service manner.

This portal, complete with data visualizations, descriptions, and real-time updates, is now available to all of their external marketing partners, allowing them to self-serve the data they need. Journalists and other external partners are able to export this data in any format they need, from simple CSV downloads, to more customized deliveries via SFTP and even Snowflake shares.

Not only did this transformation drastically reduce manual efforts, but it also paved the way for collaborations with multiple Top 5 media outlets and even a branch of the United Nations, all adapting the data to their specific needs.

From data marketing to data monetization 

Soon after came additional interest in their data from some of the largest banks in the world. Leveraging the same portal initially designed for press agencies, our client offered them access to self-service data, which the bank was willing to pay for. This ushered in a new thought - could this be a new sales channel for their team?

Value Proposition:

  • Leverage aggregated latent data to increase collaboration with new and existing external partners.
  • Roll out premium data export features to drive PR and tap into new revenue sources.
  • Overcome technical challenges and reduce overhead involved in customized data export functionalities.


  • Significant overhead reduction, eliminating manual work for the analyst team from 4 people to 1. 
  • Partner collaboration with 10+ Top 5 media outlets and banks and increased PR hits by providing easy access to data in any format. 
  • Roll out of premium data export features to tap into incremental revenue channels.

In collaboration with Amplify, our client showcased the power of relentless value delivery. Countless businesses are potentially overlooking an untapped revenue fountain within their data warehouses. In today’s corporate dynamics, data isn’t just an asset but a product itself.

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